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Poets and Translators:

Amitava Dasgupta 
Anisur Rahman Apu 
Ashis Das 
Beverly Matherne 
Bill Wolak
Charles deGravelles 
Clarisse Dugas  
Darrell Bourque 
Hasan Sabbir  Jo LeCœur
John E. Smelcer 
Mansur Aziz 
Michael Graves 
Nasser Hossain 
Naznin Seamon
Pallav Bandyopadhay 
Tusar Prosun 
Rassel Ahmed  
Sheryl St. Germain 
Shyamal Das
Stanley H. Barkan 
Sukumar Choudhuri 
Sultan Catto
Sushmita Paul 
Tanaya Choudhury 
Uday Shankar Durjay 
Yoshira Marbel

Letters to the Editor:
Prof. Nicholas Birns
D. H. Melhem
Bishnupada Ray
Caroline Gill
Gholam Moyenuddin
Ashis Das 
Pallav Bandyopadhay
Mike Foldes
Tanaya Choudhury
Norman Stock
Edward Shiblee Shahed
Rajanna Ruhani
Kamrul Kamol
Aminul Islam

Cover Art:

Marsha Solomon

Shabdaguchha Title: Issue 56

    Six Cajun Poets
    Plus Stanley H. Barkan, Sultan Catto, Naznin Seamon and many more...

Shabdaguchha: Issue 55_56
Cover Art by Marsha Solomon


It is our pleasure to present a group of Cajun poets in this issue, for which we must give a lot of credit to Prof. Beverly Matherne for collecting and writing the forewording note. Credit also goes to Stanley H. Barkan, poet and publisher, who coordinated the process.
We believe Prof. Matherne answered a lot of questions about Cajun people, as well as portrayed the significance of their culture and literature along with the history of their survival in the Western hemisphere. Through these pages, our readers will find the richness of these poems for which they “deserve to take their place among the diverse voices that make up the world’s literature,” as it was rightfully stated by Prof. Beverly Matherne.
This is the third such issue of Shabdaguchha wherein we focused on a particular group of poets: first the Koreans, then the Welsh, and now the Cajun poets. We are happy that our effort has been widely appreciated, and we vow to continue with this sort of presentation as much as possible since our readers are diverse and they are hungry to read poets from different parts of the world. Not only in the printed versions, these issues are also on our website,, for the wider audience.

Shabdaguchha loves and respects good poetry, and it will always try to publish the very best from all parts of the world.

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