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Letters to the Editor in English

To the Editor


The Humayun Azad translation in the new issue [issue 53/54] is wonderful!

Nicholas Birns, January 21, 2012
New York


Dear Hassanal, The new Shabdaguchha is a gem. Delighted to read the “Six Welsh Poets,” and your own poetry in the issue. Very best wishes for your continuing fine work.

D. H. Melhem, January 25, 2012
New York


Dear Editor, Mr. Hassanal Abdullah,

Many congratulations on your 12th anniversary issue—and greetings from a snowy UK! Thank you so much for publishing my poetry (via Peter Thabit Jones) in your Writers from Wales section. I feel very honoured.

A small matter: I am just wondering whether it might be possible to re-insert a missing stanza break in my poem, SWANSONG, on your web edition, please - since the poem form consists of 4 x three-line stanzas and a final couplet.

Please do not worry if this cannot easily be altered ...

I have much enjoyed reading the poetic contributions in this issue, and Google Translate has helped me to get something of a feel for the Bengali poems! With thanks and all good wishes,

Caroline Gill, February 6, 2012


Hi, Hassanal,

It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday. I wanted to follow up with sincere thanks for giving me a copy of your book. While I am unable to reciprocate in print, I would invite you to check out Ragazine and archives going back several years. Plenty to read and review. I hope we have a chance to meet again in New York, or back in Binghamton for another International Fest…

Be well!
Best regards,

Mike Foldes, March 26, 2012
New Jersey


Dear Sir, I came across the “Shabdaguchha” website today and desire to submit my poetry for the journal. I am an engineer by profession and am currently working with Wipro. Recently, I have published a bilingual book of poetry in Bengali and English. I have been writing since I was a kid, have been publishing in local newspapers and journals at my native country. I seek to share my work with a larger audience now. Attached four poems of mine. Please let me know your feedback.

Tanaya Choudhury, March 23, 2012

6. Dear Sir,

Many many thanks for publishing my poems. I have received the copy you sent me. This issue of Shabdaguchha is a very good effort to put together many poets. The cover is fine. I enjoyed reading the poems. Shabdaguchha continues to maintain the quality it had set before it.

This Kolkata Boimela, I got one book of my Bangla poetry published from Kabitirtha, Kolkata. I am planning to publish another book late this year or Boimela, 2013. Although it is too early, I shall be honoured if you allow me to have your name on the dedication page.

Regards, Bishnupada Ray, February 16, 2012


Hi Hassanal,

I wanted to tell you that I very much liked your poem, "My Grave," in the Queens Borough Hall exhibit. It is a profound and moving poem.

Norman Stock, May 1, 2012
New York


I love your poems. Your book, Cafer Kobita, is outstanding. My mother presented me the book from the Book Fair. I am a fourth year student of the Jahurul Islam Medical College, and am trying to write at the same time. If you read some of my poems from the website ( and comment on them, I would be greatful to you. Thanks.

Edward Shiblee Shahed, May 2, 2012

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