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Poets and Translators:

Poets and Translations Alicia Ostriker, Álvaro Mata Guillé, Amir Or, Baitullah Quaderee, Bill Wolak, Bishnupada Ray, Carolyne Wright, Daniela Negrete, Ekok Soubir, Hassanal Abdullah, Helena Berg, Jaehyung Park, Joan Digby, Jyotirmoy Datta, Kabir Chowdhury, Kalina Izabela Zioła, Maid Corbic, Maria Mistrioti, Mohammad Nurul Huda, Peter Cole, Slava Konoval, Stanley H. Barkan, and Sungrye Han

Poetry in Bengali

Prabir Das, Naznin Seamon, Ahana Biswas, Tareq Mahmud, Shourav Sikder, Al Imran Siddiqui, Farhan Ishraq, Chandan Das, Laila Farzina, and Al Noman

Letters to the Editor

Teodozia Zarivna, Kalina Izabela Zioła, Majed Mahtab, and Ehsanul Habib

Cover Art:Jacek Wysocki

Jacek Wysocki


Najib Tareque

Celebrating 24 Years of Publication
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Shabdaguchha: Issue 83/84
Cover Art: Jacek Wysocki

    Poetry in English

    Alicia Ostriker Gingkos Sunlight travels through ginkgos alongside Broadway’s traffic ecstatic yellow radiance attacking the season It is almost winter and yet as I walk to the clinic the gingkos are singing a charming air as if there were no tomorrow Prayer For Raya on her bat mitzvah The force that sends light through the cracks in everything needs eyes to see May it find you may it find your eyes enlighten your mind gladden your days May your eyes see the beauty and sorrow of the world clearly and keenly oh and may light lead you to love Feeding Breadcrumbs to Birds Feeding breadcrumbs to birds you laugh at how the sparrows surge and dart past the beaks of the slow pigeons Sphere for P— Into the space between here where I am and there where you are I am throwing the sphere of my affection to you it is a long distance for a sphere to travel on one throw but look up see it arc here it comes— catch New York Bishnupada Ray Through the Forests we usually made road trips through the forests and jungles as much to have adventures as relieving the pain of being together in a bond of not made for each other as if to unwind the seven vows we took to weld opposite metals our child unknowing of little hates thought the world was a place of love believed in the outside calm of our face and believed in the calmness of jungles apparently excited to have sweet memories of an undisturbed childhood so we thought to have a little bit of giggle she called the grazing buffaloes elephants and he giggled, and we giggled too buffaloes did not deny they were elephants. India Maid Corbic When a Bud Comes to Life in Flower When the bud comes to life in early spring it really looks like some big bullet to me drenched in all dimensions and backs not even Fibonacci can understand those petals when I count them, I look at an even number When it's cold outside I first see a bud as it continues to develop so it feels like it's a shaped bullet and the stalk is its stalk that looks like some Winchester rifle butt When everything around me begins to come to life I see the symbol of the bullet and the crucifix because people give flowers to sickles in vain just to get some ethereal scents which continue to cause me severe trouble in my soul because I know that the bud faces like a big bullet that grains when awakens from metamorphosis I look forward to each day more than ever yes, that big bullet will come to life in vain I know that my existence may be small but the flowers are the most beautiful in the world beautiful colors, shapes and dimensions where every moment of life gives me a new start with music they say that flowers will bloom again so there is nothing unusual in all this except that the positions for me are to be happy because each flower is shaped separately to give joy and happiness in awakening I never asked for much of life except that everyone respects that bullet that is as light as a feather but gentle enough to destroy everything around him in anger believe everything you hear and see because the masterpiece is a great miracle let the bullet stop all obstacles! Bosnia

Shabdaguchha: Issue 83_84

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