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Poets and Translations Alicia Ostriker, Álvaro Mata Guillé, Amir Or, Baitullah Quaderee, Bill Wolak, Bishnupada Ray, Carolyne Wright, Daniela Negrete, Ekok Soubir, Hassanal Abdullah, Helena Berg, Jaehyung Park, Joan Digby, Jyotirmoy Datta, Kabir Chowdhury, Kalina Izabela Zioła, Maid Corbic, Maria Mistrioti, Mohammad Nurul Huda, Peter Cole, Slava Konoval, Stanley H. Barkan, and Sungrye Han

Poetry in Bengali

Prabir Das, Naznin Seamon, Ahana Biswas, Tareq Mahmud, Shourav Sikder, Al Imran Siddiqui, Farhan Ishraq, Chandan Das, Laila Farzina, and Al Noman

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Teodozia Zarivna, Kalina Izabela Zioła, Majed Mahtab, and Ehsanul Habib

Cover Art:Jacek Wysocki

Jacek Wysocki


Najib Tareque

Celebrating 24 Years of Publication
প্রকাশনার চব্বিশ বছর

Shabdaguchha: Issue 83/84
Cover Art: Jacek Wysocki

    Amir Or


    These are reflections
    that became frozen forever.
    This is the mirror room of memory:

    A child in the darkness plays hide and seek with shadows
    sinks into the secret places of the stairs
    turns into shadow.

    A child in the darkness

    separates from his image, dreams his face inwards.

    In a mirror of darkness he reveals light—
    and sees.

    Camera Obscura

    Darkness doesn’t distinguish between things
    doesn’t recognize you
    except by your voice wandering among the echoes;
    by the sour smell of your fear, by your desire
    to rip your image out of the darkness
    to rip a shadow for yourself out of the shadows.

    Darkness is a womb without walls—
    there’s only myself inside myself.
    in the dark locked room a child learns
    to listen, touch, be
    pulse and skin.
    I Look Through the Monkeys’ Eyes

    I look through the monkeys’ eyes
    as they play with my skull in the treetops.
    I’m lifted with the eagle as he flies
    because my entrails are in his;
    in the belly of the earth
    I crawl with worms
    who ate my eyes out of their sockets;
    I am green, I grow in the grass
    that my rotting flesh makes rich.

    O my body
    how you have grown!

    I Look Through the Monkeys’ Eyes

    I look through the monkeys’ eyes
    as they play with my skull in the treetops.
    I’m lifted with the eagle as he flies
    because my entrails are in his;
    in the belly of the earth
    I crawl with worms
    who ate my eyes out of their sockets;
    I am green, I grow in the grass
    that my rotting flesh makes rich.

    O my body

    how you have grown!

    Translated from the Hebrew by Helena Berg and Peter Cole.


    Sungrye Han

    Pair of Snakes

    Mutual queues are being eaten
    As the sun goes down
    It is the moment when the head moves backwards
    And slowly they eat each other by the tails
    Behind the impulse left deep by instinct
    Unconscious latch unlocked
    How hypnotized they were from each other
    They proceed at the same rate
    And the pace increases as they become shorter
    They swallow symbols, notions of satiety
    The pair of snakes gets shorter and shorter
    Gradually towards the end
    They suck each other’s scarlet blood
    They complete in a large circle
    In pairs they take each other’s bodies for eternity
    A red sun
    It rushes into the sea right now.

    The Planet Conceiving a Few Lies

    Is the devil a man who deceive someone
    With a little bit of truth that a great untruth combined?
    A word that is born a moment ago is lighter than a dandelion
    A word that is buried waits her own resurrection on the wind path
    A word that is missing threw herself a long ago

    The spring has come like investigating something, but it is not the real one.
    A noon that sun is blazing like midsummer
    Full bloom of roses take season’s false pulse
    As they conceive a smell of death
    In the heart of the planet,
    Swirling frenzied blood that is gang-raped, comes across straits
    The womb of the planet
    We don’t need any sonogram
    A chunk labeled as an embryo
    And a boundary of water
    From fish, amphibian, reptile to mammal
    That evolutionary seal
    That false package of gene
    Today, a gunfire bursts somewhere on the planet again
    I can hear the heartbeat of the planet
    An Embryo born today remembers the sound

    Dream is the Word of My Own Error

    Dream is the word of my own error
    As flowers blooming
    In the backyard of an fallen dynasty
    Seem clearer in their wretchedness,
    The place I have never been
    Is always full of primitive colors
    It's a total natural colors cinemascope
    From the memory of a kaleidoscope

    The reason why the baobab put her root
    On her heads with her branches
    Is that she dreams all day and all night
    It's because they reach their cells of dream
    Towards the air
    No, it's not
    It's their fault that they only dream of the sky
    Without taking her roots into the ground
    The dream of seeping souls in a language

    Though I only lost his shadow
    His whole life always unfolds in my dreams
    Every night I read his autobiography
    Which waves like a panorama

    I see the sea
    I look at the sky and look at the universe
    I see a fugitive from this life
    Through the door named a dream

    As a little pain comes in and pushes the big pain away,
    As a dirty bacteria comes in and prevents a big sickness,
    Dream is a vaccination
    It's a theater showing a preview of life

    The Angle of a Blind Spot

    The faded sunlight shines through the leaves
    Underneath the tree, the leaves turn into a navy blue canvas
    A hazy curtain hung
    At the evening when red and black are blended
    The hour of the devil, neither day nor night
    Spiders are coming down low
    A bird flies low
    Lives falling down from the air

    Under the influence of that power,
    The heaven comes to the earth
    The boundary between the earth and the sky is erased
    Now is the time to forget what we said during the day
    At the end of the earth's axis
    Where the blood of day and night is blended
    A dream that hasn't cooled down is being buried
    The sunset drags its feet carefully
    Not to spill over the blood in a basket
    A person also flows holding up their lives in critical condition

    I came to see a walking tree of mirage
    Created by the yearning for the sunshine, but...
    A tree that has its own feet
    A tree that has its root on its body
    To move along to get nutrients
    Suddenly, a cluster of trees looks like a group of people
    A death spot
    Appearing on the skin immediately after death
    I wonder if the spot has buried lives in it
    A moment
    When things look dimly
    At the evening neither day nor night,
    The angle of a blind spot
    That cannot distinguish this world or afterlife

    Translated from the Korean by Jaehyung Park

    South Korea

    Maria Mistrioti

    Here We Sail In...

    ‘’Here we sail in …’’ –Odyssey I, ver. 142
    I tried
    not to depict only the memories
    But every time
    I knew almost from the beginning
    the result


    I am writing to you
    with rather simple words
    and I would like to talk to you
    about those
    who travel through enigmas
    through smokes of very bitter seas
    who respond in the nights
    to the crying of the mermaid
    and search for the other side of things


    I talk to you
    about those
    who have no more return
    about those
    who we can no more hope for
    You know
    even if you ask me why I am crying


    Some day
    they will talk about us
    The cyclamens the ones you picked up
    to decorate my black dress
    The springs
    that you painted in their mirrors
    our internal pictures
    Some day
    they will talk about us
    all those who make the pain to shine
    while they bleed
    from the weight of snow

    Translated from the Greek by the poet


Shabdaguchha: Issue 83_84

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