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Poets and Translators:

Dariusz Thomasz Lebioda
Nino Provenzano Fuad Atal
Peter Thabit Jones
Joan Digby
Kristine Doll
John Digby
Carolyn Mary Kleefeld
Richard Jeffrey Newman
Bishnupada Ray
Dileep Jhaveri
J. Scotte Barkan
Shokrana Sarkar
Rachel Mejia
Baitullah Quaderee
Motin Raihan
Dilara Hafiz
Anisur Rahman Apu
Roni Adhikari
Jasim Uddin Tutul
Hassanal Abdullah

A Tribute To

Shaheed Quaderi (1942-2016)
Syed Shamsul Huq (1935-2016)
Rafiq Azad (1943-2016)

Book Review

Nicholas Birns

Letters to the Editor

Stanley H. Barkan
Nirmalendu Goon
Belal Beg
Tomasz Marek Sobieraj
Naznin Seamon
Bishnupada Ray
Sk Kamrul Hashan
Hasan Ali
Firoz Ashraf
Ariful Islam
Shahab Ahmed Taher Ahmed Razu Rahul Roychowdhury Momin Mahadi Khondkar Khosru Parvez Roni Adhikari

Cover Art:

Al Noman

New Logo:

Najib Tareque

Shabdaguchha: Issue 71_72
Cover Art by Al Noman

    Dariusz Thomasz Lebioda


    I long for the old tattered jeans I used to wear
    rags bleached letters–if only I could save
    it like some dying dog at a fence

    I long for the old tattered jeans I used to play
    football in–pocketless frayed trousers–
    if only I could jump into it again and feel
    as if I were a knight in new armor

    I long for the old tattered jeans that got stuck
    in the bike–no cuffs worn-away buttons–
    if only I could retrieve its resistance
    and previous color

    I long for the old tattered jeans that saturated
    my sweat and blood–loose strap loops and
    stuck zipper–if only I could save it like
    some dying dog at a fence


    In the name of Jesus who didn’t care about
    his wounds they cut their hands with
    razor-blades they ripped the gashed
    skin with their teeth

    in the name of a Buddhist monk they saw
    on tv spill petrol and burn himself they
    put out the cigarettes on their palms

    in the name of Jimi Hendrix they were
    listening to in basements instead of
    going to church as mother told
    them to they talked about death

    in the name of they didn’t know
    in the name of who in the name
    of those before them taking it
    away from themselves
    not giving it to anybody

Shabdaguchha: Issue 71_72

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