Shabdaguchha: Logo_new edited by: Hassanal Abdullah issue: 73/74


Poets and Translators:

Sultan Catto
Stanley H. Barkan
Roy Smith
Ritwik Balo
Otis Kidwell Burger
Naznin Seamon
Michael Graves
Manolis Aligizakis
Khe Iem
Hassanal Abdullah
Germain Droogenbroodt
Changming Yuan
Carolyn Mary Kleefeld
Bishnupada Ray
Bill Wolak
B. Amore

A Tribute To

Sudhindranath Datta (1901-1960)

Poetry in Bengali

Uday Shankar Durjay
Tusar Prasun
Sheik Shahadat Hossain
Roni Adhikari
Matin Raihan
Biren Mukherjee
Azim Hiya

Book Reivew
Naoshi Koriyama

Letters to the Editor

Rahul Roy Choudhury
Naoshi Koriyama
Bishnupada Ray
Basudev Sen

Cover Art:

Lidia Chiarelli

New Logo:

Najib Tareque

Shabdaguchha: Issue 73/74
Cover Art by Lidia Chiarelli

    Naznin Seamon


    I let you go because I love you knowing for sure you will be back someday, soon or after a long wait maybe at my death bed before I take my last breath, or probably next to my grave you’ll bend down and tears will touch the dry soil or settle on the new green leaves drop after drop. Sun will set soon, you will sit down and sing our song, open the album of memories: love, laughter, lust, luster, loyalty all tightly wrapped with ocean deep loneliness and long wait. Mourning will entangle you, melancholic heart will chase you down. You will stoop and weep relentlessly with deep sorrow. I will love you still, but don’t ask for forgiveness.

    New York

Shabdaguchha: Issue 73_74

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