The International Poetry Journal in Bengali and English

Issue 39
Jan-Mar '08

Letters to the Editor

Dear Hassanal,

The Oct.-Dec. issue—the 38th quarterly appearance of Shabdaguchha—heralds continued growth of the magazine. I’m especially impressed by the influx of good poetry and its range, both as to style and international scope. From Bangladesh, India, Israel, Wales, and the U.S.A., poems range from the literate hilarity of Robert Dunn and the aphoristic verse of Hassanal Abdullah to the lyrical precision of Maria Terrone and Aeronwy Thomas (daughter of Dylan Thomas). They span the excellence of Charles Fishman, Peter Thabit Jones, and Stanley H. Barkan, who, with Jessica Cohen translated the poems by Orna Rav-Hon from the Hebrew. What a treasure for readers! Thank you for gathering it.

D. H. Melhem
New York City

Dear Hassanal,

Congratulations on the new look of the Shabdaguchha website. I like what has been done, except for one thing: I feel that more space should be inserted between poems. As is, the space between my poem & Robert Dunn's, & between Robert's poem & yours, is the same as the space between stanzas within the poems. Please consider changing this. Thank you & best wishes,

Charles Fishman
New York


The book looks excellent...Looks very good...Do you solicit writers or do people just send you pieces you might like? I would love to send you something...I love the idea of the book too. You gave me a copy at the Brevitas reading, that online poetry circle I am a member of.All the best,

Maria Lisella
New York

It is great that you are so active with such a creative zeal. I got a copy of Shabdaguchha. T he most striking piece was by Ahana followed by one of your poems.Thanks for sending me the copy.

Kalikrishna Guha

Dear Hasan Bhai,How are you? We are okay. I read the 9th year end issue of Shabdaguchha yesterday. Thank you for publishing my essay.Your pome, Mil, is excellent and it is a brave work. I would like to write a review of Our Beautiful Bangladesh written by my dad, [Humayun Azad], for Shabdaguchha. What do you think? Let me know your opinion. Take care.

Mauli Azad

I am an avid reader of Bengali literature. That is quite nice. What is unfortunate is that I do take time off to try my hand in composing some short stories and poems. I dream myself as a writer in some time later. I have no contacts but am eager to send some poems for printing. My firm belief is that each one of us is a writer in the sense that each one of us has a unique story to share with others! I believe that opportunity creates a writer and of course, a writer needs to have some thing to gear up his or her emotions. Could you please please and please help me in this regard.
I have read some short stories and poems in some renowned Bengali magazines as Desh and have found them good. I believe that I also can write that way. I dream of seeing my letters in print. But I do not know whether this would ever be possible. Please show me a way. Thanks,


I got Shabdaguchha today. It would have been better if I would not ever get it at all. I would not know that you would insult me like this in order to publish my poem. Probably, you are a great editor, but even Sunil Gangopadhyay did not show the guts to edit Ishita Bhaduri’s poetry.

Ishita Bhaduri

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