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Issue 45/46 : July - Dec 2009 : Volume 12 No 1/2

Letters to The Editor

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Dear Hassanal,

Congratulations! You continue to make a valuable contribution to world poetry. You have, as ever, my warmest wishes for success.

D. H. Melhem, New York

Dear Hassanal,
I finally got the chance to listen to your video and read the translation sub-titles. I know that Robert [Dunn] was enormously gratified to have you as a close friend. And I am also fortunate to be in your company.

I will listen again and again since there is so much to digest and the sub-titles go by quickly. Thank you for taking the time to translate. Of course, this is an essential step in sharing your work.

Babette Albin, New York

Dear Hassanal,
I've listened and enjoyed the video. How could I have a copy of this book, poet?

Abu Sayeed Obaidullah, Australia

Mr. Abdullah,
That was good. I like the way you handled the subject. The poetic language is sometimes unknown to the most of the common individual, I believe that the voice that dictates you most of the verses that you wrote is from "there", where we can only see with different eyes. I agree with you that Earth cannot claim the unique life holder.

How are you? Please, send my regards to your family and my friends at Irving.

Kenol Anglade, New York

Mr. Abdullah,
This is wonderful! I am so happy to incorporate it into our Hispanic Heritage Month Assembly on November 20th.

Thank you.

Rosemarie Bray, New York

On Shabdaguchha Issue 43/44

Dear Hassanal,
I was touched to see my tribute to Robert Dunn published in Shabdaguchha 43/44. In assigning my remarks to a regular issue, you reaffirm the significance of Dunn’s life in poetry. For this, all who knew him will be grateful; those who did not, will hopefully be encouraged to seek out his work. The new issue is notable, also, for its introduction of your unique “Swatantra Sonnets,” two seven-line stanzas (instead of eight and six), with the rhyme variation of abcdabc efgdefg. I agree with the interviewer who remarked on your having established from the beginning of your career your “own tone and voice.” Congratulations and best wishes for the entire bilingual issue.

D. H. Melhem, New York

Dear Hassanal,
I would like to order a copy of your magazine, but I don’t see an address at the bottom of your e-mail. Please send it. All best,

Beverly Matherne, Michigan

On Book Fair, Shabdaguchha and Athesim

Dear Hassanal,
It was really nice to have lively discussion in various topics during my stay in your house. Besides all the intellectual discussions, I was greatly impressed by your immense passion for establishing humanity and progressiveness thru your well established magazine Shabdaguchha and others. But My real surprise was my Bhabi, Naznin Seamon. Well, not only for her intellectual thoughts and writing, but also for her capability of making delicious dishes within a very short time. (I really liked dinner and breakfast that she made.) I was reading her poems during my return journey, and I should say that some of them really touched my heart. I agree with Shaheed Quaderi that Seamon's poetry is significant. You are really a celebrity couple! I also should give a special thank to you for calling Azad of Muktadhara to handover our MM books so that it was possible to display in your stall. Now, Boi Mela is over. Knowing that you are engaged in various other important events, you can handover those remaining books to Jahed, if you want. ...Besides the copy ordered from Azad, I guess I also left my sole own copy of "Swatantra Bhabna" and "Mohabisshe Pran o buddhimottar Khoje" somewhere in your stall. If you do not find those now, you don't have to bother.

Playing (bowling practice in Boi-Mela) with Ekok was a great fun, though I am sad I could not pass extended period of time with him. I am also sad that he did not recite any poem to me which I was really looking forward to hear (seriously!). I think next time I will not only listen to his recitation, I will play cricket with him a little more. Is he still in fever? Please take a good care of him and convey my love.

Anyway, overall—I enjoyed a lot staying in NY this time staying Jahed's bhai and bhabi's house, and yours. I should have thank to them too. But the problem is I do not have their e-mail address. So, I have to call them which I will do soon. They were really nice and hospitable.

Lastly, please visit Atlanta...all of you...whenever you find time in your busy schedule. Here will be a lot of fun too!

Avijit Roy, Georgia

Dear Hassanal,
...Are you still an atheist? That's sad that you are but I hope you convert to Islam soon. You are a smart and very sharp guy and I always want your success.

...No, I meant you are smart other than you became an atheist. Becoming an atheist was the dumbest and most stupid decision you made. I consider you as a good friend of mine and that's why I conveyed my message to you. If you are sharp and smart then you would have never taken such stupid decision.

...But you are a good guy and I would not mind doing extra for you. I even, as a college student, took your very first issues of Shabdaguchha and distributed them in the Bronx. In any case, you are a good guy and that's why I did not feel akward writing you my personal feelings for you.

Niaz Khan, Cayman Island
6/12/09 - 6/14/09

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