Hassanal Abdullah, A Poet

Hassanal Abdullah

A poet, novelist, essayist, critic, translator and the editor of Shabdaguchha


Hassanal Abdullah's seventh collection of poetry is a 314-page epic, Nakhatra O Manusar prochhed (নক্ষত্র ও মানুষের প্রচ্ছদ), (Anayna, 2007) is written on the universe and life in it. Along with the scientific theories, the poet looks for the connections between the human beings and the universe. The book is divided into five cantos as the phases of the universe are.

Hassanal Abdullah is the author of 8 collections of poetry (in Bengali), a bilingual book, Breath of Bengal and a collecton of the poems translated from many languages, Biswa Kobitar Koyek Chhatra.

Poetry Collections:
1. একবিংশ শতাব্দীর আগে/Acobinsho Shatabdir Agay (Before the 21St Century), Lata-Pata Prokashani, Dhaka, 1993
2. গোলাপের নাম তুমি/Golaper Nam Tumi (Rose as You are), Dhaka Prokason, Dhaka, 1994
3. শকুনেরা ভালো আছে/Shakunara Bhalo Achha (Vultures are Well), Agamee Prokashoni, Dhaka, 1996
4. সনেটগুচ্ছ ও অন্যান্য কবিতা/Sonnetguchha O Onnaya Kobita (Sonnets and Other Poems), Preeti Prokason, Dhaka, 1996
5. স্বতন্ত্র সনেট/Swatantra Sonnet (Swatantra Sonnets), Bisaka Prokashoni, Dhaka, 1998/Shabdaguchha Press, 2nd ed. 2004
6. আঁধারের সমান বয়স/Andherer Saman Bayas (Old as Darkness), Bud Publications, Dhaka, 2002
7. নক্ষত্র ও মানুষের প্রচ্ছদ/Nakhatra O Manusar prochhed (The Faces of Human Beings and Stars), Anayna Prokashoni, Dhaka, 2007
8. বরই গাছে চড়ুই নাচে/Bori Gachha Chori Nacha (A Sparaw Dances on a Broi Branch), Shahittya Bikash, Dhaka, 2008
9. Breath of Bengal, (Translated by Nazrul Islam Naz), Cross-Cultural Communications, New York, 2000

Forthcoming Publication:
The following collection of poetry will be published on February 2009:

এক পশলা সময়/Ek Poshala Somoy (A Glimpse of Time), Shahittya Bikash, Dhaka.

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