Hassanal Abdullah

A poet, novelist, essayist, critic, translator and the editor of Shabdaguchha


Hassanal Abdullah is the author of one novel in Bengali. The novel is about a house-girl, who is severely tortured but survived. The settings are in a village of Bangladesh. Though it illustrates the happiness of the Bangladeshi village, it also shows the cruelty of the middle-class toward the little slave-like poor house-girls at the same time.

1. আহত মুকুল/Ahoto Mukul (Wounded Buds), Agamee Prokashoni, Dhaka, 1996
Novels at work:
The author is now working on two novels in Bengali:

1. ডহর/Dahar (Abyss)
2. পীরের বাড়ি/Peerer Bari (The House of a Priest)