Hassanal Abdullah
A poet, novelist, essayist, critic, translator and the editor of Shabdaguchha


Hassanal in the News

Hassanal Abdullah Interviewed by VOA

On Sept 15, 2007, Hassanal Abdullah was interviewed by the Voice of America (VOA) Bangla Radio. In this exclusive interview with Shameem Chawdhury, Hassanal was talking about his latest book, Nakahtra O Mahushar Proched, an epic on the universe and life in it, published by Ananya, Dhaka, 2007. The interview is available at VOA.

Radio Show

On April 27, 2008, Hassanal Abdullah, the editor of Shabdaguchha, Poet Naznin Seamon and Prof. Nicholas Birns of New School University, appeared on 91.9 FM radio hosted by Laura Zelasnic. The show was broadcasting from the Whitney Museum Biennial 2008 and also at neighborhoodpublicradio.org. Along with reading his own and Shamsur Rahman's poems, Hassanal Abdullah and others talked about the Bengali poetry, specially about the 10th year anniversary of Shabdaguchha and its 39th issue, the Poets of Bangladesh issue guest edited by Nicholas Birns. Hassanal and Naznin both answered a couple of questions on how they first got into poetry, who are the main audience of poetry in Bangladesh and how the Bangladeshi poetry defers from poetry of the other languages. Nicholas Birns spoke about how he got involve with Bengali Poetry and the magazine, Shabdaguchha."Words on Wings" was the title of the show and it went from 1PM to 1:30PM.

Hassanal Abdullah Spoke with VOA

On March 10, 2008, Hassanal Abdullah was interviewed by the Voice of America (VOA) Bangla Radio. In this interview with Shameem Chawdhury, Hassanal was talking about his 3 new books, published in February Dhaka Book Fair. These three books are: Translation; Biswa Kobiter Kayak Chhatra (World Poetry: A Synopsis), Children Rhyme;Boroi Gachha Choroi Nachha (A Sparow Dances on a Boroi Branch), and a collections of essays; Kobiter Janmodag (the Birthmark of Poetry). The interview is available at VOA.

Poet's Profile in WI Times

The poet's profile is published in Washington Irving Times, the school magazine, where Mr. Abdullah has been a math teacher for 10 years. He is a Poet and ... written by Mustafa Bhyuian.

Bangla in the Big Apple

The Daily Star projected the 2nd Shabdaguchha Poetry Festival in its magazine section on May 11, 2007. Please read the article from the Daily Star.

Jugantor's Interview

On April 10, 2006, an interview with Hassanal Abdullah was published in the Daily Jugantor. Mr. Abdullah was interviewed by Shakil Mamood while he was in Dhaka for the February Book Fair. In the interview, he talked about Shabdaguchha, his experience with teaching, writing, and translating to and from Bengali and English. Hassanal Abdullah mentioned about a plan for bringing at least one Bengali poet per year to USA in a 3-month fellowship with residency. He said the plan was under process. Please read the interview from Jugantor.


Congratulations! That's a good news!

Best Regards!

Niaz Khan, New York
April 10, 2006

Dear Hasan Bhai,

Congratulations! Your interview with Jugantor is very informative. I liked the history of Shabdaguchha and your 85 Shahitto Shova. I came to know many things which I didn't know earlier. Thanks for sharing with us.

With best wishes.

Kamrun Zinia, Luisiana
April 11, 2006

I have read your interview in Jugantor. Thanks for a good talking.

Tapan Bagchi, Dhaka
April 12, 2006
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