Hassanal Abdullah

A poet, novelist, essayist, critic, translator and the editor of Shabdaguchha


Many thanks! It's excellent. And thanks for your courtesy in quoting me.
All best wishes to you and your endeavors,

D. H. Melhem

Dear Hassan,

Bravo! A model for a website. Would that I could do as well with mine.

Thank you so much for the multiple honors you bestow on me with my many mentions and quotes.
As you know, I am an obsessive-compulsive proofreader; therefore, please note the following corrections you should make:

1. By Mindy Cronenberg should be By Mindy Kronenberg
2. By Goerge Wallace should be By George Wallace
3. By Thomas C. Catterson I think the C. should be M. or R. (I've forgotten)
4. In George's Article: "Bengali Writers ..." Several times, after names, there is a "C" which should be removed: AbdullahC, DunnC, DayenC, BangladeshC ...

Finally, in attempting to open Catterson's and Kronenberg's entry, it wasn't possible. Check this out.

Once again, congratulations on the new website, and many thanks for the privilege of being included.

Stanley Barkan

P.S. Carolyn Wright has another Bengali Women Poets book out with White Pine Press.


hey, hassan: like the site. was just thinking of you, wondering if you knew any bengali musicians in the city? i'm still doing my radio show, would be interested in having some musicians, and you into talk about current events, poetry. show is online, every wednesday, 8-10pm, eastvillageradio.com. hope all's well.

Brian Boyles

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