Hassanal Abdullah, A Poet

Hassanal Abdullah

A poet, novelist, essayist, critic, translator and the editor of Shabdaguchha


Hassanal Abdullah is the author of only two book of essays and two other books written two of the great Bengali poets, Shaheed Quaderi and Humayun Azad, which consists of articles on the poets, their interviews, letters, and poetry translations.

1. কবিতার ছন্দ/Kobiter Chhando (Rhythms of Poetry), Bangla Academy, Dhaka, 1997
2. কবিতার জন্মদাগ/Kobiter Janmodag (The Birth Mark of Poetry), Mowla Brothers, Dhaka, 2008
3. শহীদ কাদরী: সময়ের সম্পন্ন স্বর/Shaheed Quaderi: Somoyer Sampanna Swar (Shaheed Quaderi:The Perfect Voice of Time), Labu Bhai Foundation, Dhaka & New York, 2005
4. হুমায়ুন আজাদ: রক্তাক্ত কবিতার মুখ/Humayun Azad: Raktakto Kobir Mukh (Humayun Azad: A poet's Face in Blood), Shahittya Bikash, Dhaka, 2007