Hassanal Abdullah

A poet, novelist, essayist, critic, translator and the editor of Shabdaguchha

Ekushy Book Fair, 2006

Hassanal Abdullah is in the Book Fair

This is the first time after 10 years, the poet and Shabdaguchha editor, Hassanal Abdullah, visited the Ekushy Book Fair. In an 8-day visit, he went to Dhaka on the 17th of February and came back to New York on the 25th. He got to meet poets, writers, publishers, readers, and many well wishers. The Rtv, a Dhaka based TV Channel interviewed him, Shamprotik Shahitto Chinta, an organization of poets and writer, gave him a reception at Lalmatia on the 22nd of February and he was also interviewed by the Daily Jugantor and the Daily Manav Jamin. There was a book opening ceremony on his latest book of essays. In the ceremony, poet Rafique Azad, the chief guest said, "I believe, this is the best book of the Fair." It is to be mentioned that more than 2000 new books were published in the Book Fair.

Please enjoy the moments through some photos:
Photo credit: Dipu Shikder

The front gate of Ekushy Book Fair, Bangla Academy, Dhaka


Hassanal Abdullah, Shohrab Hassan and Nirmolendu Goon


Hassanal Abdullah and Nirmolendu Goon


Hassanal Abdullah and Rafique Azad


Aminul Islam Bedu, Hassanal Abdullah, Rafique Azad and Nahid Roksana


Rafique Azad speaking on Hassanal Abdullah's new book


Hassanal Abdullah, Rafique Azad and Nahid Roksana


Shamim Reza and Hassanal Abdullah and others


Anayna Azad, Hassanal Abdullah and Smita Azad at Azads residence


Hassanal Abdullah, Soumitra Dev and Asif Bahadur


Prof. Abubakkar Siddik, Asad Choudhury, Hassanal Abdullah, Shakil Mamood, Tipu Shikder and others


Hassanal Abdullah addressing the crowd, Diup Shikder is on the side


Hassanal Abdullah while signing autograph


The evening crowd in the Book Fair


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