The International Poetry Journal in Bengali and English

Issue 39
Jan-Mar '08

Baitullah Quaderee

The King

Then, we can say, tonight our king will be
As great as your king in a secret missionó
Conch-shells will be played, and the fireworks will sparkleó
Brahmaís son will quietly stand in the hilly moon.

Our king will secretly prevail over your king.
The cow will wander through the lands,
Or the tragic goat will cavort on the stage.
To get them in your side, letís catch the sparkling moonlight.

Curiosity about the disguised life of Brahma and the grass
In a birdís egg! Letís go to him. Letís tell him in trinachiketon rhyme,
I can play with fire, I can even burn the fire as the king
With brute strength of an equine penis.

In sandalwood scent and song, I am the high king
In the exalted spiritó
Thatís because, tonight our king will become
As great as your king.
Seeing the bowing vapor and the charcoal, the depressed circle of itó
We, too, become kings.

We, too, become kings seeing the kingís face
Engraved on a stone.

Trinachiketon: a Sanskrit rhythmic pattern.

Baitullah Quaderee (1968 - ) is the author of six collections of poetry. He is a professor of Bengali literature at Dhaka University. Dr. Quaderee got his PhD (2007) from the same university on Bengali Poetry of the 60s: Subject Matters and Techniques and received the Shabdaguchha Poetry Award (2003).

Translated from the Bengali by Hassanal Abdullah

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